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Are you ready to start decorating your home this spring?

With spring already here and the Easter day fast approaching, it is time to think about your Easter decorations.

Give the wow factor to your home and your guest by adding some wreath to your front door with these Easter wreath DIY decorations ideas.

Decorating for Easter doesn’t need to be costly and difficult. Use this collection of DIY wreaths for inspiration and ideas.

The fun part about DIY is, you probably already have some of the supplies at home so making your wreath should not be costly.

Beautify your home this Easter using these fun and creative DIY wreath ideas. What I love about these wreaths is, you don’t only have to use them to decorate your front door.

These Easter and spring wreaths can also be used all year round to decorate your walls, bedrooms and can use them as centerpieces as well.

Are you looking for Easter wreath DIY to add to your decoration this easter? Check out these collections of DIY wreaths that are creative and easy to make.

Get inspired and get creative this Easter.


Egg Wreath

1. A Flower Egg Wreath from A Pumpkin & A Princess

Floral Easter Egg Wreath

I love this Easter wreath. Very subtle and springy color combination. The flower and the floral print ribbon blends in well with the color of the eggs. This wreath will make a great addition to your Easter decoration. If you love pastel, then you will certainly love this wreath.


2. Simple Easter Egg from Live Laugh Rowe

Simple Easter Wreath

With only two items, you can make this simple but yet elegant wreath. All you need is an egg garland and a grapevine. With just 20 minutes, you have for yourself this beautiful wreath. You can use a color that blends in with your environment.


3. Washi Egg Wreath from Tatertots and Jello

Washi Tape Easter Egg Wreath

If you are a washi tape fanatic, you will love this wreath. It is so colorful and vibrant. When making this, you can wrap the washi tape around the eggs in a way that is best appealing to you. You can use this wreath to decorate your home all year round.


4. Speckled Egg Wreath from Please Note Paper

Easter Egg Wreath

If you love freckles, then you will love these speckled eggs. It is a gorgeous Easter wreath. You can spray the eggs to the color of your choice. It is a very easy wreath to make. 


5. Floss Egg Wreath from Wine and Glue

Easter Egg Wreath

Do you want to pop some balloons this Easter? This floss egg wreath is a great DIY project for you and your kids. You don’t need a grapevine for this wreath. With some water balloon and flour, you will have a fancy floss wreath to decorate your home.


6. Egg Wreath from Faithfully Free

Easter Egg Wreath

Are you looking for a wreath that is very affordable, simple and takes less time to make? Then this is for you. This wreath will put you in the Easter mood. The colors of the plastic egg are very subtle, and the added bow makes it look elegant. There is just something about this wreath that makes it very eye-catchy. Probably it’s pastel look. 


7. Grass Egg Wreath from Miss Kopy Kat

Easter Egg Wreath

Do you want a beautiful greenery decor this Easter? Then look no further. The beautifully designed eggs and bow make this wreath look very elegant. Add a touch of green to your decoration this Easter. Get a green fur yarn, and some beautiful design Easter egg ornaments and make this beautiful wreath for yourself.

Tulip Wreath

8. Spring Tulip Wreath from The Frugal Homemaker 

Tulip Spring Easter Wreath

The vibrancy of these tulip flowers is gorgeous. Add some colors to your decoration and brighten up your home with this colorful wreath. Get into the spring mood with this beautify wreath on your front door or add some color to your table with this wreath as a centerpiece. 


9. Red Tulip Wreath from Mom Always Finds Out

Red tulip wreath

If you want a mono-color tulip wreath, then you can go for this wreath. You can use any color of your choice. It has a simple and elegant finish.


10. Spring Tulip Wreath from Stonegable

Tulip Wreath

This is a really bold and beautiful wreath. You can use this wreath to decorate your front door and also to decorate your rooms. The added burlap gives it a unique look. You could also switch it up with a ribbon. Don’t forget to add the initials of your name using wooden letters.

Embroidery Wreath

11. Embroidery Hoop Easter Wreath from Design Improvised

Embroidery Hoop Easter Bunny Wreath

If you want to add some flowers to your decoration but don’t want to use real flowers, you can go for this embroidery wreath. You can use old floral fabrics and get creative. This embroidery wreath can be used to decorate the walls, and the floral fabric will give you a fabulous finish.

12. Embroidery Hoop Bunny Wreath from Jill Cobbs

Embroidery hoop easter bunny wreath

This beautiful wreath is by Jill Cobb, but you can find the tutorial on Crafty Morning. The pattern of the fabric is gorgeous. The touch of the bow and felt flowers make the bunny shape stand out. You will have fun making this wreath. With some embroidery hoop and floral fabric, you can make this fabulous wreath for yourself.


Forsythia Wreath

13. Dollar Spring Forsythia Wreath from The Happy Housie

Forsythia easter wreath

Forsythia indeed tells you spring is here. Add this cheerful bright yellow to your home decor this easter. This is a simple wreath to make and on a budget.


Easter Bunny Wreath

14. Easter Bunny Wreath from Celebrate and Decorate

Easter Bunny Wreath

Well, this Easter bunny wreath gives you that farmhouse look. The added touch of forsythia and the bow makes it look perfect. Of course, you can always use the color of your choice.


15. Embroidery Hoop Bunny Easter Wreath from Positively Splendid

Embroidery Hoop Bunny Easter Wreath-11-min

This fun adorable looking bunny will make a beautiful addition to your Easter decoration. The pom-pom tail and the paw makes it look cute. It is an easy fun DIY for the family to try out this Easter.

Paper Wreath

16. Ombre Paper Leaf Wreath from Damask Love

Paper wreath

This paper wreath is beautiful and creative. You can use this wreath all year round to decorate walls. If you have a thing for bold colors, then this wreath will be a great decor idea for your home. You can use the Cricut Explore to cut out the leaves, or you can manually cut them using scissors. Don’t they look beautiful?


17. Paper Daffodil Wreath from Pars Caeli

Daffodils paper wreath

Are you thinking of what to do with the paper around the house? This paper wreath certainly brings out the creativity in you — also, a fun activity to do with kids.

Burlap Wreath

18. Burlap Bunny Wreath from Julie’s Blog

bunny burlap wreath

Give your bunny an added twist by adding some burlap and beautifully designed easter egg. This wreath will make a great easter door decoration.


19. Sunflower Wreath from Grillo Designs

sunflower burlap wreath

It is spring season and the sunny days are here. This sunflower wreath is a gorgeous wreath you can use to decorate your home this spring.


20. Monogrammed Burlap Wreath from The Shabby Creek Cottage

Burlap wreath

Personalize your home with this easy yet beautiful monogrammed wreath. It is great for wall decoration. You can create multiple smaller wreath using different letters to spell out your name or word.

Other Wreath

21. Easter Chick Wreath from Adventures and Play

Easter Chick Wreath

I don’t know about you, but I think these baby chicks are adorable. A very creative and easy wreath to add to your decor.


22. Felt Flower Wreath from Hallmark

Felt flower wreath

How gorgeous are those felt flowers? This beautifully designed felt flowers would beautify your home. See how that bunny just sits comfortably. Don’t know how to make a felt flower? Don’t worry, you can find a tutorial from here. You can also get these beautiful felt flowers.

23. Garden Hose Wreath from Create Craft Love

Garden hose Wreath

Do you love gardening? Then this wreath should cause butterflies in your stomach because it has for me even thou I am not a gardener. This is a gorgeous and creative wreath. The flowers and bows beautifully placed on the garden hose. Thinking of what to do with your garden hose? Well, you found it.

Here you go, 23 beautifully designed wreath you can use this Easter to decorate your front door or walls and give your guest the wow factor.

Please leave your comment below which of these wreaths is your favorite? What wreath design will you be trying out this Easter?


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