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Free printable weekly meal planner that contains weekly meal planner, master grocery list, grocery shopping list, recipe planner, fridge inventory, pantry inventory, and freezer inventory template, to take out the hassle of making dinner for the family every week.

If you love planning your family meals and meal planning or you want to get into the habit of meal planning, I made this free printable just for you.

This free weekly meal planner will make dinner time easier and stress-free. All seven printables are Free To Download (Below).

Free printable weekly meal planner that will make dinner easier and stress-free. Download weekly meal planner, master grocery list, grocery shopping list, recipe planner, fridge inventory, pantry inventory, and freezer inventory template.

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Sometimes life happens, things get into the way that you find yourself having takeouts every week for dinner because of no time to make food to fill the hungry stomach.
When it comes to making dinner for the family with a busy schedule, it can be a hassle, time-consuming, and much work without effective meal planning.

When you decide to wing it, chances are you end up eating the same type of food week after week and most importantly money and time will be wasted.

One way of making sure you are mixing things up and not wasting resources like your time and money is by planning your meals ahead of time and having a meal planner will enable you to stick to your goals.

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Why You Need To Meal Plan

Some of the benefits you will reap when you meal plan for the family include;

1. You foster a healthier lifestyle when you meal plan your family meals.

With each menu planning planned ahead of time, you can be sure to include all the necessary nutrients and dietary requirements for a balanced diet like carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, proteins.

This free meal planning printable comes with a weekly planner that will help you keep track of the nutrients you cook daily.


2. Menu planning saves you money on the grocery bill.

Without planning your meals, there is a chance you are buying groceries you do not need or are already in stock. When you plan ahead of time, you make an inventory using the fridge, freezer, and pantry inventory planner from this free printable meal planner to records the items you have in stock. This avoids you from buying unnecessary groceries.


3. Your dinner time becomes easy and stress-free.

You take away the hassle of making dinner every time you plan ahead of time because you can prepare meals that will last you for the next seven days or even a month. You plan around your schedule, taking into consideration all the busy days when you may not be able to get yourself into the kitchen.

When you eat at home, you have more control over the type of food you eat.

If you want to learn how to meal plan for a week, be sure to check out this meal planning for beginner’s guide – how to meal plan for a week. It will give you the basic and necessary steps you need to start menu planning for a week so that when life happens, you can still have a delicious home-cooked meal.


This Free Printable Meal Planning set comes with the following template;

Weekly Meal Planner Template With Grocery List

This cute weekly meal planner enables you to plan your meals, write down your grocery list and also track your nutrient intake.

The template has space to plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the grocery list section, you can make a note of the ingredients you will need for your meals. This is a mini shopping list of what you will need for each meal. Once you have your grocery list, you can then transfer that onto your main grocery list (found below).

There is the Eatwell guide to track your what you eat, making sure you have a balanced diet, and also track your water intake. You can use this simple meal planner to keep track of your

  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Diary
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Water

If you love this planner, check out this 130+ Page Meal Planning Binder

Free printable weekly meal planner that will make dinner easier and stress-free. Download weekly meal planner from smartmommylife

Recipe Card Template

You know the secret family recipe your Granny told you? Well, you can use this recipe planner to write it down so that you don’t forget because I am sure you will want to pass that to your kids as well 😉. Use this free printable recipe card template to write down the key ingredient you will need and the instruction to how to put together that delicious and tasty food you make every time. There is space to make a little note at the bottom.

A recipe card template that comes with the Free weekly printable planner to write down those delicious recipes.

Fridge Inventory Planner

Keeping an inventory of what you already will enable you to save money because you only buy the items you don’t already have, and it also avoids food wastage. Make a note of the things in your fridge and also take note of the expiration date, especially when it comes to the dairy products. You want to make sure the milk you are drinking has not reached its expiration date. Add this free printable refrigerator inventory list to your home kitchen inventory list.

Free fridge inventory template to help you stay on a budget so that you only buy what you don't have in stock

Freezer inventory Planner

Have you ever been to the supermarket and you didn’t buy the frozen vegetables you needed because you though you have one in the freezer and only to return home to find out that you used up the last pack already?

Use your freezer inventory list to take an inventory of the items in your freezer like vegetables, meat, or chicken. Separating your fridge inventory from your freezer inventory makes it easier to write down your master shopping list.

Free freezer inventory to keep track of stock in the freezer so that you only buy what you need. Free printable to help you stay organized and on a budget

Pantry Inventory Template

When you keep an inventory of what you have in your pantry or cupboard, you reap the benefit of only buying items you don’t have in stock.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been to the store to buy a paprika spice when I always have it in the cupboard or when the chicken is about to simmer, and I realized I do not have chicken spice because I forgot to add that to the shopping list.

Well, don’t let that be you. Make a note of your pantry staples using this pantry inventory list, so you know when you are running low.

Free pantry inventory printable found in the cute weekly meal planner printable set. Use this to take an inventory of the spices in your home kitchen when making grocery list

Master Grocery Checklist By Category

Use this master grocery checklist to make your shopping list. It will give you an idea of what you need to pick up from the store. It is a list containing a variety you can use to make sure you are always trying different things, so you don’t get bored of eating the same thing over and over.

Free master grocery list checklist of alphabetical grocery store items to give you a variety of new things to try

Blank Grocery Shopping List By Category

This blank grocery shopping list is organized by categories. Add the items from the mini shopping list from the weekly meal planner to this blank grocery shopping list when planning.

Also, check the fridge, freezer, and pantry inventory for what is missing on the list and be sure to add them to your shopping list, so you don’t leave out the essential ingredients.

free blank grocery list printable to help you stay organized when writing your grocery list and also help you stay on a budget

Also, check out this complete 130+ Page Meal Planning Binder in three beautiful designs.

Planner pages included in this meal planning binder:

  • Binder covers
  • Binder spines
  • Divider tabs
  • Meal planner stickers
  • Pantry labels
  • Kitchen rules wall art
  • Monthly meal planner (Mon-Sun / Sun-Sat)
  • Weekly meal planner with grocery list (Mon-Sun / Sun-Sat)
  • Daily meal planner
  • Menu ideas
  • Grocery checklist
  • Categorized grocery shopping list
  • Blank shopping list
  • Pantry inventory
  • Fridge inventory
  • Freezer inventory
  • Family favorite
  • Kids favorite
  • Recipes to try
  • Kitchen Conversion
  • Recipe cards
  • Notes
  • Meal binder covers
  • Monthly binder covers
  • Recipe binder covers

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Those are the seven meal planners you get FREE. If you like to see more designs or want a particular color for you, let me know in the comment section below, and I will have it added. What other meal planning resources do you use when planning meals?   Free printable weekly meal planner that will make dinner easier and stress-free. Download weekly meal planner, master grocery list, grocery shopping list, recipe planner, fridge inventory, pantry inventory, and freezer inventory template.  

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